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Yes Minister?
The Kerry's Eye  (Dingle in the News)
Calls on O'Donoghue to put Dingle back on the map

Dingle-Daingean Uí Chúis Abú, the group campaigning to reinstate the bilingual names of the West Kerry town made an impassioned plea to Tourism Minister John O'Donoghue this week to support the town's people and put Dingle back on the map.

"We are calling on the Minister for Tourism and our own Local Representative, Minister John O'Donoghue to restore the name Dingle on all Local Authority signposts in Kerry, outside the Gaeltacht" said Kate O'Connor, runaí of Dingle-Daingean Uí Chúis.

"We are asking him to recognise the fact that 93% of Dingle's citizens, in his own constituency, have voted to reinstate our historical bilingual names of Dingle-Daingean Uí Chúis."

Following consultation this week, the group have requested a private meeting with Minister O'Donoghue and Minister O'Cúiv to discuss the wishes of the 1005 voters, 93% of the qualified electors in the town, ahead of the public meeting scheduled by Minister Ó'Cúiv on November 17th in the town.

"We are determined to resolve this matter in a calm, pragmatic and conciliatory manner and a public meeting may not be the best forum to do this," Kate added.

"We have a duty and a responsibility to represent the 1005 voters in the best way that we possibly can."

The group, who spearheaded the campaign in the run up to the successful plebiscite granted by Kerry County Council, also defended their position on the Irish language.

"We are proud of our towns' heritage, and our Gaeltacht tradition," emphasised Cosite Chair Fergus O'Flaitheartaigh.

Despite the overwhelming success of the council plebiscite, concerns have been raised by a group west of the town, who following a meeting have decided to send a delegation to meet Minister Ó'Cúiv when he visits Dingle on November 17th.

However, in a statement released by the group this week, Dingle-Daingean Uí Chúis outlined shared their shared enthusiasm for the Irish language

"Even our harshest critics would have to concede that there is more Irish spoken in Dingle now, on the streets, in the offices, shops, churches, pubs, restaurants, doctors surgeries and banks than there has been over the past twenty years."
"It's spoken from the people's hearts, Dingle is one of the towns in Ireland where one can do all their business through Irish, if they so wish."
"An Ghaelige has been a priority throughout the campaign and we fully support the language, running a fully bilingual campaign".

"We hope that we will be able to meet with Minister O'Cuiv and Minister O'Donoghue in an effort to promote and share our language, heritage and culture in an inclusive and progressive way"

"All Irish towns have an official Irish name and an official English name, we are just asking Minister Ó'Cúiv and Minister O'Donoghue to acknowledge the democratic wishes of the people."
by Marian O'Flaherty

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