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After weeks of misinformation and synthetic anger…
The Irish Times  (The Dingle Letters)
Madam, - After weeks of misinformation and synthetic anger, it is time for the people of Dingle to actually consider the consequences of their actions.
As a frequent business traveller to Ireland, I'm offended that campaigners in Dingle have regularly claimed that a "yes" in the plebiscite was necessary to prevent "confusion" for tourists. The average traveller to Dingle is not so stupid, and I for one resent being co-opted into a local dispute.
I also resent the assumption that foreign visitors know and care little about Ireland's beautiful native language. Indeed, Dingle's Gaeltacht status is the town's only unique selling point.
I have cancelled my two-week trip to Dingle next Easter. I will be holidaying in Scotland instead: the mountains are higher, the food better and the prices cheaper. In Scotland, "bungalow blight" and fly-tipping are much rarer, but dolphins and whales are more common. Furthermore, the Scots are proud of their Gaeltacht and actively promote it to their foreign visitors. - Yours, etc,
CHRIS EVANS, Shenfield, Essex, England.

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