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Scheme Changes More Than Dingle Name
The Irish Times  (Dingle in the News)
Irish Language Commissioner Seán Ó Cuirreain, whose job is to police the implementation of the Official Languages Act 2003 , has said a scheme published by Kerry County Council last week on the use of Irish in council dealings with the public was legally binding and "a double lock".

The plebiscite councillors have requested to begin the name change from the official An Daingean to Dingle was "a grey area" vis-a-vis the languages act and the placenames order, he said. Because An Daingean was a Gaeltacht area, a name change on the strength of a plebiscite was not as clearcut as in a non-Gaeltacht area.

The Kerry scheme has gone beyond the terms of the recently implemented placenames order which will see the name Dingle removed from signposts, OS maps and statutory instruments and replaced with An Daingean.

The scheme came into effect from July 26th and will be in force for three years...
Anne Lucey

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