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The Irish Examiner  (Dingle in the News)
John Moriarty
Chairman of Cairdis Idirnaisiunta Chorca Dhuibhne “We in the business sector, and Irish speakers too, believe it should be bilingual. We could seriously lose out if signage on main roads was changed. We would really need to have that bilingual. But we think road signage shouldn’t be used as a vehicle to promote culture. Its main function is to make tourists get to their destination. I think the minister handled this badly. But what really is not right is the way he has threatened to take Dingle out of the Gaeltacht.

Michael M
Broadcaster “If I was speaking Irish with Paidi O Se or any of those we’d always call it An Daingean. But if I was in New York or somewhere and somebody asked me where I was from, I’d say near Dingle. Dingle is a brand name. It’s known the world over. The people around Dingle still refer to it as An Daingean. The two versions should be around – bilingually everywhere. Let it be referred to locally as An Daingean. But I think Dingle is too valuable a brand name to be discarded

Senator Joe O’Toole
I BELIEVE the current process is a daft one. And I believe I’ve discovered a flaw in the legislation. I wrote to all Kerry County Councillors three weeks ago suggesting they take this course of action. What I suggested is that the Local Authorities Act 2001 takes precedence over the Official Languages Act. The whole thrust and spirit of the Official Languages Act is to create bilingualism. Bilingualism is the way to go. If the county council can do all this, then the minister can come out with his hands up or challenge the legislation in the High Court.
The Irish Examiner

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