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Is An Daingean to be the new Leningrad?
The Kerryman  (The Dingle Letters)
A chara - As a Dingle native, I feel that I have to comment on the ridiculous plans of Minister Eamon Ó Cuív to alter the name of Dingle to "An Daingean". Apart from the obvious confusion this will cause to non-Irish speakers, there are a number of other considerations to be made about the minister's actions, while his common sense was out "dancing at the crossroads" on this issue.

For all the Gaelgóir that he may claim to be the actual Irish name for Dingle is Daingean Uí Chúis. I'd have thought that they would have looked it up on an Irish map at least! So I'd imagine many poor sods may eventually end up in Co Offaly, instead of spending their bucks in Co Kerry.

Also, what happens if one were to "Google" the term An Daingean? Is the minister going to employ a sophisticated hacker to infiltrate each one of the 781,000 websites that contain reference to Dingle? I doubt even he could manage that feat.

And what of our prized possession - Fungi, the Dingle Dolphin? As Gaeilge he becomes, Fungi, Delf an Daingean. So our most loved performing and personality laden mammal becomes a fine teaset?

On a more serious note this move will have serious economic ramifications for the area.

The level of confusion will be intolerable and the identity of the region compromised. In addition are we not painting a backward self-image of ourselves that we are so steeped in our own bull that we refuse legible signposts to those who need them the most, ie the non-Irish speaking tourist? Why do they need to be in Irish when those who speak Irish in the area already know where they are going?

The people of Dingle were never asked about this. No agreement was made. It seems that An Daingean is to be our "Leningrad". Who'd have thought? The minister should note however that that regime also came to an end and its true name St Petersburg was reinstated.

Le meas
M O'Flaherty
(Ms O'Flaherty now works as a journalist and is the editor of The Dingle News - www.dinglenews.com)

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