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O Cuiv and The Law
The Irish Independent  (The Dingle Letters)

A Chara,

I refer to Aideen Sheehans report of Mr. O'Cuiv's speech to the AGM of Irish Farm House Holidays in Co. Laois. (Irish Independent 18 th February 2006 ).

Ms.Sheehan failed to report one of Minister O Cuiv's more extraordinary statements at said AGM. Of particular interest to us here in Dingle was the Minister's comment that "The Heavy Hand of the law will not resolve underlying issues, because a law that people do not buy into, is unenforceable".

How on earth can Minister O Cuiv reconcile such a statement with his treatment of the people of Dingle were he has enforced his own "law that the people do not buy into" with his now infamous Placenames Order 2005 and abolished our 700 year old town name? Not only that, but he says he will not recognise our democratically legally held plebiscite to reinstate our rightful bilingual names, Dingle, Daingean Ui Chuis.

Once again it is apparent that Mr. O'Cuiv believes in one set of laws and rights for the people outside of the Gaeltacht and a completely different set of laws and rights for the people within the Gaeltacht.

Is Mise Le Meas
Kate O Connor
Dingle Co. Kerry

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