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Dingle or An Daingean? Public to have the final say in name row
The Irish Post  (Dingle in the News)

THE people of Dingle are to be asked to vote on a controversial decision to change the official name of the town to An Daingean.

Kerry County Council has decided to call the vote following intense opposition to a decision by Gaeltacht Minister Eamon Ó Cuiv to have the Irish version only of the town on road signs outside the Gaeltacht.

It also emerged at this week's council meeting that if the name Dingle continued to be used the community could find itself excluded from the Gaeltacht — meaning the loss of valuable state grants.

Three different motions were put before the meeting in Tralee — proposing An Daingean be changed back to Dingle, the council organise a vote and both the Irish and English versions of the name be used on signs.

It was eventually decided to ask the people of the area to have their say.

The vote will decide if the name should be in Irish only or bilingual — Daingean Uí Chuis Dingle.

Fine Gael councillor Pat McCarthy proposed the restoration of bilingual signage and claimed Minister O Cuiv had shown no regard for the democratic rights of the people.

He said: "I can't understand why he went down this road."

Opponents to the change claim Dingle is now an internationally recognised brand name and vital in attracting tourism.

(Also published in Irish Abroad Magazine)
The Irish Post

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