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To the people of Dingle

I'm from the North and live in England . The new name means nothing to me - I cannot pronounce Irish nor your new name. How can I advise my friends to see the Ring of Kerry and the town once called Dingle? Surely the Tourist Board have enough wisdom to inform Minister O'Cuiv that he is making a big mistake and deliberately harming the community of Dingle by confusing Tourists And thus reducing the income of the population? By all means have the Irish version and the English version together on signposts but recognize that Irish is only an official language of Ireland not known to many outside Ireland . Communication is important but Minister O'Cuiv has brought you back seven hundred years.

Fight on - make sure all maps have DINGLE in large letters and the Irish version in small letters so visitors are not confused. Over here we all have heard of the dolphin in DINGLE BAY ! We need to know where to go to see it.

Best wishes to you all

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