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The Myths of Dingle
The Irish Examiner  (The Dingle Letters)
Irish Examiner, Irish Independent and Irish Times 28th April 2006

We wish to address some of the issues raised in Gaeltacht and Rural Affairs Minister, Eamon O’Cuiv’s letter “Tackling the Myths of An Daingean” 18th April 2006.

Minister O’Cuiv states that he “consulted extensively” before he changed the placenames of 2319 Gaeltacht townlands. He states that a press release was issued to the Media and a “lively consultation process” took place on Radio na Gaeltachta. He says that he received 24 written submissions on the Placenames Order.

A 1% uptake on his invitation for submissions does not suggest a successful “extensive consultation process.”

We accept that a lively and worthwhile discussion took place on RnaG on the correct Irish spellings of various townlands within the Gaeltacht.

However, Dingle is far more than a townland. Dingle is the pre-Norman, Non Municipal, Regional, Capital Town of West Kerry. Within the town boundaries of Dingle alone, there are nine townlands.

It is reasonable to expect that some debate would take place, on the effects of a proposed Order to make illegal the name “Dingle” on our national signposts. Can anyone remember or show a record of - a public notice, discussion, debate, article or interview about Dingle’s name-change, in our mainstream daily national newspapers or radio stations, prior to the Order being made?

Can The Minster clarify if Failte Ireland were informed in advance, of the Minister’s intention to remove Dingle from all official Ordinance Survey Sheets, and Signposts.

Another question raised by the Minister is, how tourists managed to get around the Gaeltacht without difficulty, over the past thirty years. He states that English names have long been removed from all Gaeltacht signposts.

The answer is simple. The old bilingual black and white signposts are still to be seen in most Gaeltachtaí. Indeed our own last bilingual Dingle signpost was only removed from West Kerry last month. It stood on the main Ballyferriter to Dingle road, in the heart of the Gaeltacht, for over thirty years giving clear direction to our tourists and didn’t cause the slightest offence to anyone. But, under the new regime, The Language Commissioner ordered its’ removal.

The most depressing aspect of all of Minister O’ Cuiv’s letters is his total lack of understanding of the issue at hand.

We are Muintir Daingean Uí Chúis, the people of Dingle. That is our identity, that is our history and that is our heritage. We have been accepted and recognised as such for the past seven hundred years, and Minister O’Cuiv along with some Civil Servants in Dublin (or Knock) did not have the right to redefine our Identity to suit their vision of who we should be.

Is Mise
Fergus O’Flaithbheartaigh Chairman
Kate O’Connor Secretary
John Moriarty PRO
Coiste Daingean Uí Chúis, Dingle
Co. Kerry

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