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The Irish Times  (The Dingle Letters)
Irish Times, Irish Independent, Irish Examiner Easter Week, 2006.

10th April 2006

A Chara
On Easter Monday 2005, The Placenames Order decreed that Dingle be permanently removed from all national maps and signposts. The same Order decreed that all other towns, (outside of the Gaeltacht) have equal status and recognition granted to both their Irish and English Placename.

Minister O’Cuiv states that this Order was introduced after “extensive consultation.”

The people of Dingle were not properly notified of the Ministers’ intentions. No adverts were placed in any of our daily mainstream national or local newspapers. No debate took place on the national airwaves on the affect that the Order would have on Dingle.

Indeed, even if Dingle had made a submission to the Placenames Commission, it could not have been considered, as the Commission are only empowered to consider Irish placenames.

Dingle was presented with Minister O’Cuiv’s fait accompli; the permanent removal of our 700 year old pre-Norman name from all official national maps and signposts.

On this, the 1st Anniversary of the Placenames Order, Coiste Daingean Uí Chúis, Dingle believe that we have a duty to the generations gone before us, to our exiles, and to our children, to protect our birthright as the people of Dingle, Daingean Uí Chúis.

We wish to honour and respect all of our traditions by reinstating our town’s rightful identity as Dingle and Daingean Uí Chúis.

There are also practical reasons for the reinstatement of our name. Over the years, our traditional livelihoods, fishing and farming have declined, and the peninsula is now almost 90% dependent on tourism.

Recently, the tourism market has taken a sharp swing towards more urban based short break tourism.

The peninsula is remote and extremely vulnerable to any fluctuations in the tourist market. It has taken us years to successfully promote Dingle as a recognised brand name, known throughout the world. There is no doubt that the permanent removal of Dingle from our official national maps and signposts will have a detrimental affect on our livelihoods.

We are confident that the upcoming plebiscite will be supported and carried, and we accept that this is merely the first step in our journey towards the reinstatement of our 700 year old towns’ names. We are determined to restore our historical names, Dingle and Daingean Uí Chúis.

We are encouraged and gratified by the messages of support we daily receive to our website, www.dinglename.com and we hope that the public will continue to support us.

Is mise
Fergus O’Flaithbheartaigh Chairman
Kate O’Connor Secretary
John Moriarty
Coiste Daingean Uí Chúis, Dingle
Co. Kerry

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