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Jeanie Johnstone leaves Dingle
The Jeanie Johnston Famine ship leaving Dingle at the start of Feile na Bealtaine 2006.  29 Dingle Pilgrims re-enacted the ancient Medieval Pilgrimage route of Dingle to Compostella in Northern Spain

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Dingle in the News
-  People of Dingle delighted town’s bilingual name is reinstated on road signs  [More] 4/11/2013 Radio Kerry
-  Dual names to return to Dingle this year  [More] 2/1/2013 The Journal
-  Dingle back on the map as Minister paves way for law to alter placename  [More] 7/14/2011 The Irish Times
-  Gormley moves to resolve Dingle placename dispute  [More] 4/10/2008 The Irish Times
-  Dingle naming row continues after TD remarks  [More] 6/21/2007 The Irish Examiner
-  Dingle Deal Struck - Healy-Rae strikes deal with Taoiseach to restore Dingle name  [More] 6/20/2007 The Kerry's Eye
-  Kerry town faces name change again  [More] 6/20/2007 The Irish Examiner
-  Jackie backs 'Dingle'  [More] 5/30/2007 The Kerry's Eye
-  Dingle sign ‘election gimmick’  [More] 5/10/2007 The Kerryman
-  Dingle Name Row goes in a new direction.  [More] 5/8/2007 The Irish Examiner
-  No signs of peace in ‘town with no name’  [More] 5/3/2007 The Kerryman
-  Cliff falls into sea on scenic Kerry route  [More] 4/10/2007 The Irish Times
-  Eight-in-ten tourists struggles to find Dingle over St Patrick’s weekend  [More] 4/2/2007 The Irish Examiner
-  Ó Cuív under fire in name change row  [More] 3/15/2007 The Irish Examiner
-  Minister Roche discusses Dingle name in Tralee  [More] 2/15/2007 The Kerry's Eye
-  Dingle campaigners accuse Minister of hypocrisy  [More] 2/15/2007 The Kerry's Eye
-  Roche appeals to O Cuiv in Dingle name controversy  [More] 2/10/2007 The Irish Independent
-  West Kerry ‘suffering dramatic fall in business’  [More] 2/2/2007 The Kerryman
-  Alterations subvert democracy  [More] 1/11/2007 The Irish Examiner
-  Tourism fears over Dingle name  [More] 1/1/2007 The Irish Examiner
-  Council to apply to change 'An Daingean'  [More] 11/21/2006 The Irish Times
-  Council to recognise Dingle placename  [More] 11/20/2006 The Irish Times
-  Contrite Ó Cuív bows to wishes of townspeople over Dingle  [More] 11/18/2006 The Irish Times
-  Dingle all the Way  [More] 11/15/2006 The Kerry's Eye
-  Yes Minister?  [More] 11/9/2006 The Kerry's Eye
-  Town's residents to give verdict on Dingle or An Daingean  [More] 11/9/2006 The Irish Times
-  Irish town fights for naming rights  [More] 10/29/2006 The Boston Globe
-  Dingle's future still uncertain  [More] 10/25/2006 The Kerry's Eye
-  'YES' BY A LANDSLIDE IN DINGLE PLEBISCITE VOTE  [More] 10/25/2006 The Kerryman
-  An Daingean votes for bilingual name  [More] 10/21/2006 The Irish Times
-  Voters in an Irish Town Reject Edict on Language of Its Name  [More] 10/21/2006 The New York Times
-  Residents vote to keep Dingle name  [More] 10/20/2006 The Irish Examiner
-  Counting today in Daingean poll  [More] 10/20/2006 The Irish Times
-  Residents vote to keep Dingle name  [More] 10/20/2006 Evening Echo
-  Dingle's name dangles in row  [More] 10/20/2006 New Zealand Herald
-  The voters of Dingle wake up to their own D-Day  [More] 10/20/2006 Times Online
-  Dingle fights to keep its name  [More] 10/19/2006 Guardian
-  Irish town name change row goes to vote  [More] 10/18/2006 BBC News
-  Concerns raised over An Daingean placename ballot  [More] 10/16/2006 The Irish Times
-  Ballot includes 160 not living in An Daingean  [More] 8/22/2006 The Irish Times
-  All the Dingle dangles over whether it's An Daingean  [More] 8/20/2006 Sunday Independent
-  O’Toole wants Dingle name restored  [More] 7/1/2006 The Kingdom Newspaper
-  Request for 'Éire Ireland' to be used at EU meetings  [More] 6/28/2006 The Irish Times
-  Dingle to vote on bilingual name idea  [More] 6/20/2006 The Irish Examiner
-  Dingle name campaign gets tuneful backing  [More] 6/6/2006 The Kerryman
-  Government’s poll slide is the result of its own insufferable arrogance  [More] 5/20/2006 The Irish Examiner
-  DINGLE ADDS TUNES TO NAME ROW  [More] 4/1/2006 The Kerry's Eye
-  'Dingle' causes legal dilemma  [More] 3/2/2006 The Kerryman
-  Battle continues over Dingle name  [More] 3/1/2006 The Kerry's Eye
-  Dingle people deserve more from Ó Cuív  [More] 12/1/2005 The Kerryman
-  Dingle name campaign grows into struggle for democracy  [More] 12/1/2005 The Kerryman
-  AREA ‘WONT’ BE EJECTED FROM GAELTACHT  [More] 10/27/2005 The Kerryman
-  I WILL IGNORE DINGLE VOTE RESULT - O’CUIV  [More] 10/27/2005 The Kerryman
-  Plebiscite to be held on Daingean or Dingle  [More] 10/18/2005 The Irish Times
-  Sign removed following council warning  [More] 9/14/2005 The Irish Times
-  Hollywood-style letters proclaim Co Kerry town's name as Dingle  [More] 9/12/2005 The Irish Times
-  Dingle Renamed, Irish Say, Lacks Its Jingle  [More] 9/4/2005 The New York Times
-  Dingle: what's in a name?  [More] 9/1/2005 The Kerry's Eye
-  Scheme Changes More Than Dingle Name  [More] 8/2/2005 The Irish Times
-  If Éamon Ó Cuív Wants to Revive the Irish Language, He Needs to Learn Some Lessons From History.  [More] 7/30/2005 The Irish Times
-  WHAT THE LOCALS SAY  [More] 7/19/2005 The Irish Examiner
-  Dingle Truth Stranger Than An Daingean Fiction  [More] 7/19/2005 The Irish Examiner
-  Dingle or An Daingean? Public to have the final say in name row  [More] 6/20/2005 The Irish Post
-  An Daingean it is as Dingle drops off map  [More] 5/25/2005 The Irish Post
-  Minister Insists on Irish Version of Dingle  [More] 5/20/2005 The Irish Times
-  SIGNS ENSURE TOURISTS TAKE A BACK SEAT  [More] 5/1/2005 The Kerryman

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Eamon Ó Cuiv
Minister for Community,
Rural and Gaeltacht Affairs

"It is An Daingean, full stop,..."
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 Historian and author Canon Jack McKenna

"This is a very historic occasion and the first plebiscite to be held in the town or district. I'm very pleased with the result because I want to see both names,Dingle and Daingean Uí Chúis,retained,"
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Cllr Seamus Fitzgerald and
Cllr Michael Healy-Rae

There is no way in the wide earthly world that this is going to stand
Read More

John O'Donoghue
Minister for Tourism, Arts and Sport

"I don't know of any tourist that doesn't have an Ordinance Survey map"
Read More

Senator Joe O'Toole

“Éire Ireland, Dingle Daingean Uí Chúis - isn't there a lovely symmetry and rhythm about them both?”
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John Moriarty, Chairman of Cairdis Idirnaisiúnta Chorca Dhuibhne

We think road signage shouldn't be used as a vehicle to promote culture.
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Micheál Ó Muircheartaigh

Dingle is a brand name. It's known the world over.
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